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Sustainable Infrastructure is associated with a variety of environmental, economic, and human health benefits, many of which go hand-in-hand with one another. The benefits of sustainable design and infrastructure are particularly accentuated in urban and suburban areas where open space is limited and environmental sensitivity is a vital concern. Sustainable infrastructure benefits include Community Development, Ecosystem Enhancement, Performance and Conservation.


RAMCO’s design professionals utilize innovative sustainable design techniques and principles.  Sustainable design promotes energy and water efficiency and conservation, which ultimately result in potential cost savings for the clients and their projects.  



Some of the sustainable design techniques RAMCO utilizes on our projects


· Community Development and Ecosystem Enhancement

· Water Conservation and Water Efficient Landscaping

· Energy Conservation

· Alternative Energy

· Enhanced Groundwater Recharge

· Stormwater Pollutant and Discharge Reductions

· Reduced Sanitary Sewer Overflow Events

· Increased Carbon Sequestration

· Reduced Energy Demands and Heat Island Mitigation

· Wildlife Habitat and Recreational Space  


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